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    Galaxy Investment Group hosted the forum for the cultural and historical heritage “Industrial Archeology”, organized by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation

    The forum Industrial Archeology – the Live City in the Context of Modern Concepts on Cultural Heritage in Plovdiv was held on 20 June 2017 by the initiative of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation and hosted by Galaxy Investment Group. The good European examples how business, local authority and industrial sector are in partnership in the operation of old industrial buildings were presented at a discussion on the future of the Tobacco City.

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    Konstantin Boyadzhiev, CEO of Galaxy Investment Group, participated in the prestigious forum CEE GRI 2017

    On 12 and 13 June 2017 in Vienna was held the International Real Estate Forum CEE GRI 2017. In its 12th edition investors, developers and professionals discussed the trends and challenges in different segments of real estate in Central and Eastern European markets.

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    Galaxy Investment Group presented new residential project at the Annual Conference „Investments and Construction of Residential Buildings“

    The Annual Conference “Investments and Construction of Residential Buildings” was held on 16 May, as part of the Building Innovation Forum Series 2017. The gated complexes, which combine the high comfort and the amenities of the modernity with the pure sensation of living in harmony with the nature, proved to be of interest at the event. The living environment, the degree of completion, the functionality and the energy efficiency of the residential buildings are also crucial for the choice of the modern urban dweller.

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    10 years of Royal Beach Mall

    The Mall has been the hottest spot on the Bulgarian coast for fashion lovers for years. For the tenth consecutive year, Royal Beach Mall in Sunny Beach opened its doors with new and popular brands. For many years the mall has been the hottest spot on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast for lovers of fashion and new trends. It is an attractive center for all who want to do quality shopping during their holiday.

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    Galaxy Investment Group nominated in the category "Investor of the Year" in the prestigious competition SEE Real Estate Awards

    The competition is organized by Europa Property and was held in Bucharest on 6 April 2017. For the twelfth consecutive year, the most authoritative representatives of the industry from Southeastern Europe gathered to reward the best in construction and real estate. The assessment was made by an independent international jury. Nominated companies in SEE Real Estate Awards are evaluated based on their overall contribution to the market, the quality of customer service, innovation, commercial success and leadership.

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    Konstantin Boyadzhiev, CEO of Galaxy Investment Group: "The real estate market will have a steady growth."

    "I expect it to be driven mainly by the IT and outsourcing industries this year as well"

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    Networking event on the subject “Tendencies in the industry of Plovdiv Region” was organized by the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, together with Galaxy Investment Group

    The event took place on 25.03.2017, hosted by Galaxy Investment Group, and was abundant with useful information on the expansion of the industrial production in the region. The purpose of the event was to introduce representatives of the business from the whole of Bulgaria, to the advantages of Plovdiv and the region, as preferred location for growing number of industrial investors. Topic of discussions were the difficulties and the challenges of the industrial productions, but also the benefits and the positives reported by the companies after the construction/expansion of their production facilities in Plovdiv.

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    Galaxy Investment Group hosted a seminar "Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)-Finance and Employment"

    On March 16, 2017 in Plovdiv, was held a seminar "Opportunities for SMEs - Finance and Employment". The event was organized by Confindustria Bulgaria in cooperation with the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency, the Employment agency and hosted by Galaxy Investment Group.

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    Konstantin Boyadzhiev: "Plovdiv is positioned as the preferred location for industrial investors."

    How would you comment market development of industrial and logistics space in 2016? Bulgaria and Plovdiv in particular are positioned as the preferred place for industrial investors. In the past year the steady trend of maintaining the interest of many companies to the city has continued. Large global manufacturers from different sectors of industry continue to invest and develop new activities in the region. The main driving force of the market are large foreign companies that operate or enter Bulgaria. Traditionally Bulgarian companies are directed to small and medium-sized terrains and warehouses. This is normal because of the volume of their business. The location of industrial projects as well as related infrastructure and availability of labor are essential for business.

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