Industrial properties

Galaxy Investment Group owns and manages industrial properties in key locations. The company develops industrial zones and leases warehouses and offers plots suitable for industrial activities throughout Bulgaria.

Galaxy Investment Group manages and develops a diversified portfolio of industrial properties. The company offers industrial plots throughout Bulgaria, develops industrial zones and leases warehouses and logistics centers in key locations. They all have a number of competitive advantages among which are excellent infrastructure and availability of skilled and multilingual workforce in close proximity.

Perfectly familiar with the requirements for the industrial projects development and the requirements of companies in the sector, Galaxy Investment Group supports the successful investments. Over the years, successful partnerships with companies from different industries have been established, provoked by the attractiveness of our industrial properties and the favorable conditions offered by our country for the development of various industries.

Bulgaria is situated on a major crossroads between Europe and Asia, and has a well-developed road infrastructure. Five of the ten Pan-European transport corridors cross the country (Corridors IV, VII, VIII, IX and X). Sea and river transport (the Black Sea and Danube River) facilitate trade in the region.

The country is a member of the European Union since 2007 and maintains a fixed exchange rate of Euro.
Competitive taxes are set in the fiscal policy of Bulgaria: 10% corporate tax, 10% personal income tax, 5% withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas (0% for EU companies)

Workforce in the country is highly qualified and multilingual. Labor costs of industrial activity are 40-60% lower than those in Central and Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has one of the lowest operating costs in the EU.