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Royal Garden - Home at first sight
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Royal Garden is the latest closed-type residential project by Galaxy Investment Group. It is located in the Recreation and Culture quarter, which thanks to its location, newly built infrastructure and park areas offers high quality of life. On walking distance are located the greenest area of Plovdiv - Rowing canal, modern sports facilities, Mall Plovdiv, some of the best nursery schools, children's centres and schools, and a variety of restaurants, wine bars and cafes.

The project is designed by Ivo Petrov Architects. The concept is inspired by the desire to create a pleasant and balanced architecture that fits perfectly into the overall vision of the neighbourhood and naturally enriches the existing park area.
The effect and functionality are sought after by architects in every element of the project. The harmonious location of the two buildings and gardens in the complex is a result of the precisely researched orientation of the property in order to ensure maximum space, easy access to and connection with the surrounding areas.

Royal Garden Residential Park has different types of spacious and functional apartments with excellent floor-plans. The height of the rooms is 2.85m. Southeast sides of the buildings have extensive terraces revealing fascinating views of the iconic Hill of the Youth and the Rhodope Mountains. The northern part overlooks the park "Recreation and Culture", which creates a feeling of life close to nature.

A beautiful and extensive garden is designed at Royal Garden. The plant species in it are specially selected to provide freshness throughout the year. The residential park will have a number of amenities including an underground parking and garages, controlled access and video surveillance. It is also possible to furnish apartments according to a predefined design.