Sofia Business Tower

Project Sofia Business Tower is located between the boulevards Tsarigradsko Shosse and Brussels. Located next to one of the most preferred shopping malls in the city The Mall, Novotel Sofia Hotel and business buildings. Tsarigradsko Shosse connects the plot with the city center and several densely populated residential areas. Accessible by routes of 15 buses and trolleybuses of public transport.
The project includes a 24-floor building (Block A), a low 8-floor building (Block B and C), four underground levels with 675 parking spaces. The conception of Sofia Business Tower is based on a balanced approach to the five basic aspects of modern architecture and design - functional, technical, economic, environmental and aesthetic. Space around the building is settled with walkways, pavements and green space, aligned with the overall concept of the building.
In the capital, there is an increasing interest in luxury residential properties, located in key location, and which meet the highest international standards.
Sofia Business Tower allows developing a residential project in a segment with no competition. A project with unique design, spectacular view, spacious and high apartments with convenient access and professional property maintenance.

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