Royal Garden  Buildings 3 and 4 Royal Garden  Buildings 3 and 4
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Royal Garden Buildings 3 and 4

Royal Garden is among the most prestigious and preferred complexes in the city of Plovdiv

Royal Garden is realized in two phases. The first phase including Buildings 1 and 2 has been entirely completed and all apartments in them have been sold. The second phase, which is currently under construction consists of two residential buildings - building 3 and building 4. The exposure of the buildings is such as to allow as much spaciousness as possible and bigger garden. They are harmoniously positioned together forming a well-ventilated internal area. Entrances and alleys of the residential property are so designed as to provide easy access and link to the surroundings.

The exterior of the buildings is characterized with light and natural earth colours and materials, matching the beautiful garden and surroundings. Clear lines and functional spaces are the essence of the architectural design. The design includes individual elements, loggias and bow-windows to allow as much natural light as possible in the apartments.

Royal Garden  Buildings 3 and 4
  • 145 Apartments
  • 166 Parking spaces and garages
  • 2600 sq.m. Garden
  • 940 sq.m. Retail space

The upper floors of the residences consist of premium apartments with private spacious terraces which will become the favourite repose points of the owners, surrounded by greenery and fabulous views of the iconic Youth Hill and to the Rhodope Mountains.

Royal Garden is located in the Recreation and Culture district of Plovdiv, which thanks to its location, newly built infrastructure and park areas offers high quality of life. Nearby are the Rowing Canal, modern sports facilities, Mall Plovdiv and the best kindergartens and schools, themed restaurants and cafes.

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